The skin of the face is the one that is most exposed to dust and environmental contaminants, factors that fill it with impurities, irritate and make it susceptible to premature aging without proper hygiene. Therefore, facial cleansing must be essential in your beauty routine. After a hard day at work the last thing you think to do is wash your face, so it is frequent to go to sleep with a dirty face, since there is a belief that nothing will happen.

Over time, however, the skin looks dull and imperfect, which can also lead to infections due to the accumulation of various elements on the skin such as makeup, sweat, dust, environmental pollutants, natural oils and dead cells. If you live in a city like San Francisco, your skin is even more exposed to harmful toxins through the air. Be sure to get a facial in San Francisco to prevent this.

There are many benefits to cleansing and facials.

  1. It allows the oxygenation of the skin.
  2. Cosmetic products intended to improve the appearance of the skin are more effective.
  3. Delays the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. The skin is more luminous.
  5. Helps decrease the appearance of tiredness.
  6. Eliminate acne and blackheads.
  7. The skin looks softer and smoother.
  8. Clean skin accepts and shows the makeup better.

To achieve a successful facial cleaning you only have to moisten your face with a little warm water, then apply a cosmetic product suitable for your skin type and rinse. In order not to lose firmness apply a toner with a cotton ball, finally apply a moisturizing cream.

Taking care of the skin on your face is easier than you think, you just have to adopt the habit of washing your face every day. Remember that discipline is the key to success.