Most women are already good at applying makeup, but if you’re one of the women who has been going barefaced for years, makeup might seem very scary and difficult. The good news is that makeup is much easier than it seems and it’s very easy to learn how to apply makeup.

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# 1 Prepare your skin

It is very important that your skin is ready for makeup. Before color, apply primer and moisturizer for your face and for your lips. Remember that your skin is a sponge; the first thing you need to absorb is your cream, not your foundation. Apply the moisturizer with a brush in circular movements, first on the cheek and then on the rest of the face.

# 2 Use Primer

Use the primer to 20 centimeters of your face, before and after applying makeup, to preserve the makeup.

# 3 Custom Brushes

The round brushes are for diffusing, the flat ones are for applying in a specific place. The important thing is that you find out which works best for you.

# 4 First the eyes

Brush your eyes first and then the rest of the face, so you can correct if you mess up. It is easier to solve some mistake on your eyes when you do not have the base. To remove parts, use wet swabs with primer.

# 5 False Eyelashes?

If you want to use false eyelashes, do it with surgical glue. The key is to put them from the center to the sides. And here’s a secret: you will know that they are well put when they do not bother you.