With the help of a towel dry the hair and remove all the excess moisture you can before you apply a moisturizing product especially for African American hair extensions. These products usually do not require rinsing, and will greatly help the unraveling of extensions of natural hair.

Dry the hair and extensions with your hair dryer and avoid combing them in wet, and once dry just untangle them. Add styling products to your liking.

For day-to-day natural hair extensions the best guidelines are just ways of doing things with common sense, you could say that the most correct guideline would be: where you think your extensions natural hair can be damaged more than usual, do something to avoid it, for example, when sleeping make sure your hair is tied and secured to prevent tangling as well as when you to go to the pool or beach. Use common sense to care for your natural hair extensions and good quality hair.

When extensions are natural hair it gives you the option to treat them as if it is your own hair, you can work and comb with dryers, irons or tongs, and change your style whenever you want, you can even change the color. Since you can dye them if you wish, in reference to changes in color it is always advisable to darken them and not to lighten them, since the process with discoloration could significantly damage the quality of the natural hair extensions.

Use a hydrating detangling spray, this spray will help you untangle the extensions every morning of knots and tangles that can be produced by sleeping and it is a product that you can use daily as it does not damage natural hair extensions. It will also keep your hair silky and smooth.