What is style? Some would say that style belongs to everyone, one forges it throughout their lives to create an identity that makes each of us have traits that distinguish us from the rest. However, the word has become so different that now style is synonymous with “being cool” or having class. Clothing, posture and even the way of acting, make a person considered cultured, intelligent or funny, and although not really, everything is in the appearance and the way that others see us.

  • Accessories

Men’s accessories should be kept simple and classy. Something like a watch or a wedding ring is all you really need to accessorize as a man. Instead of focusing too much on extra accessories, you can focus on the details in your outfit. There are many beautiful belt buckles for men on the market that can add a subtle touch of style to any outfit. This is an example of the kind of detail that can make an outfit a winner.

  • Belt and shoes

Your belt and shoes must match. If you have black shoes make sure your belt is the same color. The same if they are brown or blue. If you have clear or extravagant colors, stop using them. The blue, lead, gray or green suit can go with brown or caramel shoes. Once again, it’s worth it to buy good belt buckles for men. These are functional accessories that will tie your outfit together with minimal effort.

  • Underpants

Believe it or not, underwear can highlight all your sex appeal or otherwise, depending on how you use them. Dark and short boxers are the best

Keep these tips in mind when you plan your next outfit and you’ll walk out looking great.